Acoustic properties

All our acoustical products are marked with dedicated icons to help you navigate through their different properties.
We designed them to be picked up easily by specified function referring to acoustic behavior explained below:

Piktogramy symbolizujące właściwości akustyczne

Optimum acoustic conditions in your own environment can be achieved by proper balance between reflection, absorption and diffusion.



Architected Sound consists of specialists in the field of architectural acoustics.
As there is a growing problem of noise transmission through building partitions we are offering conducting measurements of acoustic insulation of airborne and impact sound as well as external soundwaves.
Moreover, our measurements offer includes the field of room acoustics. Think of concert halls, they need to provide great listening experience, but what about your own listening room or school classrooms? Acoustic treatment not only makes you feel better and understand your interlocutor way more, but also improves sound quality we perceive. Therefore, if you have any problem with too loud conference rooms, where meetings are one big noise or you often feel fatigued in spaces you are supposed to work or relax in – put your acoustics to the test.